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Sunday, April 21, 2019

I/m working on a book that is part autobiography and part journal of my escapades this summer. The point of the book is to encourage aging athletes to not let fear or self doubt keep them from going out and competing. Part of my story is about recovery so he book is a combo of aging athlete and recovery experiences. To that point I was listening to an Audible book during my 2 hour ride this morning, Matt Fitzgerald’s “Life is a Marathon” at one point he was interviewing a race promoter asking “who is your typical customer”? to which the promoter answered people with “addictive personalities”. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. It was just after finding my longest stretch of sobriety in over 30 years that I started training for the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon in June of 2018. It was also around that time that I did the 2018 Discovery Bay Olympic distance Triathlon that I referenced in an earlier blog. I have been training “addictively” ever since. My idea of a bad addiction is something you can’t control and has negative consequences. At this point I don’t consider training to have “negative consequences” so I’m going to keep it up. Also Matt mentioned that some people can be considered lazy but not. What that means to me is I’m having a hard time dragging my ars out to pull the weeds in that front yard, the ones I pass just before I go for a training session. So I think I fit that profile. Since I started training hard 2 years ago I have either been listening on audible or reading hard copy books that are motivational. Usually somebody else sharing their journey. That’s what inspires me to write a book. I think there is plenty of material out there, some of which I’ll mention along the way. In the meantime I believe my book has the potential to help at least one person, maybe you. Otherwise another book added to the list of hours of reading potential can’t hurt. On a different note some Religions consider this Easter Sunday as the day of Resurrection. I can’t help but think how wonderful it is that we all get second, third, unlimited chances to live our best life. As for me today I believe I am, I am still very flawed but am thankful for my redemption (in progress). – Shawn

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