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Sunday, May 12, 2019

I was reading the top 10 list of questions people have about Triathlon so I thought I would answer a few. First I must establish context, the answers I am about to give are for age groupers and weekend warriors of which I am one. This advice is not for Pro, Elite, are those determined to win their age group. #1. do you need a wetsuit? Use of a wetsuit is optional in all events and not allowed if ruled by the race referee according to water temperature. I recommend if allowed in your event you take advantage and use one as it helps with buoyancy and warm is better than cold. My last try the water was 67 degrees so I went with a sleeveless that improves range of motion and opens up breathing a little bit. #2. Do you need a special bike for Triathlon? I have a Tri bike better known as TT bikes for Time Trial as they are very aerodynamic and built for speed. Do to that and rider position T.T. bikes are less stable and frowned upon on group rides. I have both and used my T.T. Bike in my last Tri and will the rest of the year except for Escape From Alcatraz which is a hillier more technical coarse so I will be using my road bike. For occasional tri studs I just recommend a good road bike as you will probally get more bang for your buck. Draft legal Triathlon is gaining popularity and T.T. bikes are not allowed, just road bikes. #3. Combing 2 questions, do you need a tri suit and do you change clothes? It is best to wear something under your wetsuit. A tri specialized suit is good because you can wear it under your wetsuit and straight through the bike and run. Otherwise I have worn a speedo or speedo shorts and after the swim either put on bike pants or shorts which include a padded chamois or just wear the speedo the whole way and risk a little groin chafing. This is the point where you determine how bad you want it and are you really going to improve your finish adding a layer or 2? Then preferably a zip up jersey as pulling a jersey on a wet body is difficult.#4. Do you wear socks? I can tell you my last event I didn’t and ended up with open wounds on my heels. But I did take 40 min. off my time from last year, LOL. It is hard however again to put socks on wet feet. I hope this answers a few questions let me know if you have any more. – Shawn

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